Kassiopi Village


The pretty village of Kassiopi is located on the north-east side of Corfu.

It has an ancient church, the remains of a castle, a picturesque horseshoe shaped harbour and several beaches to choose from.
Have fun exploring!

Kassiopi's Castle

Kassiopi Castle (Kastro in greek) is a castle on the northeastern coast of Corfu overseeing the fishing village of Kassiopi. It was one of three Byzantine-period castles that defended the island before the Venetian era (1386–1797). The castles formed a defensive triangle, with Gardiki Castle guarding the island's south, Kassiopi Castle the northeast and Angelokastro the northwest

Kassiopi's Harbour

Kassiopi harbour is the focal point of the town's social life by day and a pretty trendy place by night. There are numerous bars and a mix of tourist and traditional restaurants serving greek as well as mexican, chinese and italian dishes. Nightlife is fairly lively with bars and discos providing evening entertainment. Some cafe bars for a light meal and refreshments are also available on the beach, where you can enjoy your coffee or your drink having a great view of the sea

Church of
Panayia Kassopitra

Sometime in the 5th century the temple of Kassios Zeus was converted to a Christian church to honour the Holy Mother – Panayia Kassopitra. In 1537 the church was burned to the ground by the Turks, it was restored between 1590 & 1591.The new church had two altars to accommodate both Catholic and Orthodox religions and inscriptions on the church bear the dates 1590, 1670 and 1832.